Getting Ready for the Crush of 2012!

The harvest is approaching fast and looks absolutely fantastic so far. We are really excited here at Between the Lines and started our pre-harvest checks of our press, chiller, pumps and the destemmer/crusher. These checks are crucial to ensure a great harvest – no one wants to deal with broken equipment at 1 in the morning!

The chiller, being one of the most important pieces of equipment, was first on the list. It is actually one of our latest pieces of tech here at the winery and is needed to cool the fermentation. Basically a cool fermentation allows the aromas to stay in the wine.

The second step was to check our press. We use a basket press for some of our grapes for the clarity it gives the juice before fermentation. I inspected all the hydraulic lines, made sure that the fluid levels were all at the right amount. Once everything was checked out I turned on the press and made sure it could build up pressure and then reduce it again. Another piece ready to go for Harvest.

The destemmer/crusher does exactly what its name implies. It destemms the grape from the stems as well as sorting out the leafs, then it slightly squeezes the berries through a crusher so that there is a juice/berry mixture at the end. This machine has the most movable parts and it is where the winemaking process normally begins. To make sure that everything runs smoothly I checked all the oil levels and started the machine up to see if it runs smoothly.

With all the equipment ready to go we are now waiting for the Harvest to start! And it won’t be far off, we already see all kinds of birds and visitors picking at the berries.

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