Questions, Questions, Questions – A Niagara Tour Guide’s Perspective

As a tour guide, you encounter many questions from your guests. As a matter of fact, we encourage the guests to ask as many questions as they wish. There are several reasons for this. First, each question has a bonding affect between the guide and the guests. Second it shows the guide that there is an interest in the topic that is being brought forward. It also depletes the nervousness from many guests. They observe that they can speak to the guide and in return, they receive an intelligent and informative response.

The most asked question to the guides is, “What is your favorite wine?”. The response is that it depends on the occasion. If it is a lazy, hot summer afternoon on the patio with friends, it may be a nice smooth white wine. If it is the same hot summer afternoon, while barbequing a nice thick juicy steak, the choice would likely be a full bodied red wine. The only decision a person has to make is, do you want a dry or a sweeter wine. It is like choosing ice cream at the store. Do you want vanilla, chocolate or butterscotch ice cream?  It is the individual’s choice. To complete the afternoon meal, a choice may be some delicious ice wine to go with a dark chocolate dessert. As you can see, all wines are favorites. It depends on how they are consumed.

The other interesting question posed to the guides is, ”What is your favorite winery?” In response, there is no one favorite winery. Each winery has its own unique trademark. Whether it is the courteous staff of the wineries, the educational tours that are offered to our guests, the manner in which the wine tasting is conducted, the manner our guests are treated by the winery staff and the list goes on and on.

Over the years conducting wine tours, we have been privileged to have many repeat guests returning to visit other wineries in the area with other friends and relatives. These returning people prove that they had an enjoyable first visit and they want to show the tour Company’s hospitality and knowledge of Niagara wineries to their guests. 

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