Spending Valentine’s Day in Niagara Wine Country

There’s just something about romance and wine. The two have been paired together in both art and life for as long as they’ve both existed. When we think of romance and celebration we almost always think of wine whether it be sparkling at an engagement, anniversary or wedding, or a nice hearty red with an intimate dinner. Wine is tied to our image of romance so this Valentine’s Day do something special for your significant other, get out and have some fun in Niagara Wine Country. Whether it’s a short getaway for a wine tour, an evening out at one of Niagara’s outstanding restaurants or just enjoying the natural beauty together Niagara wine country has something for everyone on Valentines Day. If you need some ideas for what to do follow along and we’ve got you covered.

Spend the day touring Niagara on the Lake with Days of Wine and Chocolate

Did we just say Wine and Chocolate? Yep, while everyone says diamonds are a girl’s best friend, everyone knows wine and chocolate are the keys to her heart. Throughout the month of February the wineries of Niagara on the lake have put together a touring passport to allow you to get out and taste delicious wine and chocolate pairings. From the more traditional simple pairing of delicious cholate and amazing wines to more intricate creations and dishes there’s much for everyone to enjoy.
The touring passport lets you get out and enjoy a sense of adventure in the snow covered vineyards. With quick stops at as many of Niagara’s delicious wineries as you care to visit, there’s always something new to keep you on your toes. The pace is up to you, if you like to be constantly on the move keep your visits brief and move on to the next with laser like focus, or if you like a relaxed day slowly make your way from winery to winery stopping to take in the sights along the parkway, in the old town or along Niagara’s lakeshore and rural roads.

Spend a relaxing day on a guided wine tour

For every person that loves the intrigue and research involved in planning a wine tour, there’s about 10 that just want to relax, sit back, and have someone else do the work so they can enjoy the experience. Take the stress out of wine touring and let someone else worry about driving, choosing the wineries and planning your day by booking a tour with one of Niagara’s outstanding Wine tour companies like our favorites, Niagara Grape and Wine Tours. During your day out in wine country you will casually make your way from winery to winery with great private experiences showing you everything Niagara has to offer.
A great option if you’re visiting from out of town or staying the night at a local hotel or bed and breakfast, arrange for door to door service from your hotel and eliminate the hassle. If you want to take in some of Niagara’s culinary delights along the way book a delicious Lunch, Dinner or Culinary wine tour and enjoy a great, romantic meal at one of Niagara wine country’s amazing restaurants. A wine tour is also the perfect time to create new memories and pick up a souvenir bottle to enjoy together in the future, or something to enjoy together that night.

Enjoy one of Niagara’s Culinary Gems

Did you know that 8 of the top 100 restaurants in Canada in OpenTable’s most recent listing were located in Niagara? That’s nearly 10% of Canada’s best restaurants that are located in Wine country, and many are actually located at Wineries. So while everyone else is going to the same old places in the city surrounded by grey streets and even greyer buildings, you can be out in a beautiful snow covered, wine filled, winter wonderland having a romantic weekend getaway you’ll never forget. While it’s the company that makes the evening romantic, a beautiful setting and new memories are what will make it a memory you can both come back to.
Outside of those 8 restaurants that made Canada’s top 100, Niagara is a general culinary hub in Canada with restaurants that cater to all styles and preferences. Having been named Canada’s culinary capital in 2014 Niagara on the Lake even has the credentials to back it up. Whether you want an a sophisticated and classy night out in fine dining style or you like to take in the life of the area with a more casual atmosphere Niagara has you covered. With great chefs from around the world and a great food and wine culture, your will to explore is the only limit.

Take in Niagara’s natural beauty

It is winter in wine country, just like the rest of Canada but don’t let that stop you from getting out and exploring. If you’re the type to embrace winter adventure Niagara is full of places to explore when you want to take a break from the vines. With trails that run along the lakeshore, through the gorge and along the escarpment you’re never short on Natural beauty. For those that want to take in the natural beauty in a more relaxed setting, take a moment to make a stop at one of Niagara’s escarpment lookouts, along the lakeshore or along the Niagara River as you drive through Niagara.
Some of the best trails in Niagara are actually the starting point for trails you may have encountered back home throughout the province. Starting in Niagara on the Lake, the waterfront trail stretches along Lake Ontario, all the way to the Saint Lawrence River and to Quebec, easy to access and walk the trail is perfect for a walk along the lake, watch out for the wind though on a particularly cold day. The world famous Niagara River Recreation Trail that follows the Niagara parkways passes alongside vineyards as it makes its way from Niagara on the Lake to Queenston making for a great walk, the ability to park at various stops along the way allow you to make the walk as long or a short as you would like. Heading through the escarpment the Bruce trail also stops at many local and provincial parks as it also makes its way through wine country.

Attend an event at one of Niagara’s Wineries or Restaurants

Some of the best moments in life are enjoyed together, and nobody seems to know this better than the wonderful people at Niagara’s wineries. While wine events are far from limited to only Valentine’s day, it’s safe to say that the unofficial holiday of wine gets its fair share of attention. Whatever your interest Niagara’s wineries know how to entertain. From cooking classes to Chocolate making, and from exclusive wine releases to food and wine dinners and other celebrations check out our event calendar to find something that catches your interest.
It might be winter out there but wine country doesn’t shut down and it’s just as beautiful and romantic as ever. Take the time to escape your regular everyday life and have a bit of an adventure, some delicious food and some fun. Whether you want to stay active and keep up a busy pace or slow down and spent a relaxing weekend taking in sensory delights it can happen in wine country. The scenery is preset, now all you need is yourselves and a weekend you’ll never forget.

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